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Goals Goals Galore

Goals Goals Galore

Throughout the football season members and staff enjoy the thrill and (mild) competitiveness of our weekly Goals Goals Galore tournament.

And you don’t necessarily need to know anything about football!

All players need to select 1 game from each section on the GGG sheet and circle the number. (Sheets can be found each week in the Vic Reed bar)

  • Cost of entry is £2.50 per person per week. Only one entry per person allowed.
  • The person(s) with the most goals scored can win, or share, a weekly jackpot of £100
  • Monthly jackpot of £80 or £100 (4 or 5 week month)
  • Seasonal bonus
    • First place £1000
    • Second place £500
    • Third place £250

There is also free entry in to the FA Cup challenge for all those entered by the start of the first round.

FA Cup prizes

  • Winner £200
  • Runner up £100
  • Semi finalist £50
  • Quarter finalist £25

All results will be displayed on the GGG board in the Vic Reed bar

Please note:

  • All players must be 18 years old or over
  • Entry forms must be handed in not later than 15 minutes before kick off (as stated on the form)
  • Any games either postponed, abandoned or moved by others will be classed as postponed and GGG players will be awarded points the mean average of that section.
  • Any discrepancies should be reported to GGG officials immediately, as any adjustments required need to be made within 3 weeks
  • Final decisions will be made by GGG officials.